Does the brand of your car make a difference to its scrap value?


No matter what brand you have, you will get some money for scrapping it, however, you may be wondering does the brand of your car make a difference to its scrap value?

When your car reaches its end of life, you’ll probably want to make some money out of it, especially when you have paid more to buy the car at the beginning. All cars, whether expensive or cheap, reach their final day someday. So it’s better to be prepared and know how much you can get for scrapping your old, scrap car. You can then make a decision to sell it as a used car or send it to a scrap yard to gain as much profit as possible.

Do some brands have a better scrap value than others?

Most of the time, YES. The make and model of your car has an impact on its scrap value. The more expensive the brand of car, the more you will get for scrapping it. But this is not always true as there are also other important factors like the condition of the car and weight.

Weight is one of the biggest factors of scrap car prices. That’s why some heavy cars like Ford and Land Rover, worth more than other luxury brands like BMW and Mercedes. The heavier the scrap car is, the more scrap metal is on it.

Should I Sell off some individual parts of my expensive car to profit more?

There are many buyers in the market who are interested in particular parts, but having them removed can have a significant impact on the weight and therefore the price of the scrap car. Therefore, selling off some sell-off individual parts may worth it, but you should always consult with someone professional, otherwise, it is not recommended. Plus, some parts of the car are toxic and hazardous and need extra precautions to removed. If you wanted to do so, ask someone expert to remove the parts for you.

If you still have questions about which parts to sell, we are always here to answer. Write a comment below, call us or send us an email.

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