Is it better to scrap a car or sell it?

Is It Better to Scrap a Car or Sell It?

When it comes time to get rid of an old car, you often have to make a tough decision: should I scrap my car or sell it? Both options have their pros and cons, which can make it difficult to decide. In this blog post, we will explore the differences between scrapping and selling your car. We will also help you figure out how much money you can get from scrapping your car instead of selling it!

The first is to scrap your car, while the second is to sell it. Car owners are faced with the following questions to help them decide:

  • How can I scrap or sell my used vehicle?
  • What’s the difference between scrapping and selling my car?
  • How much can I get from scrapping my car instead of selling it?

The process of scrapping or selling your car depends on the city or country that you’re living in, as there are various laws and ordinances that you have to be wary of. Here in Ontario, you will need specific documents for selling your used vehicle. While there are various advantages and disadvantages to each option, it will all boil down to your preferences and/or needs at the moment. The rates that you’ll get for scrapping and selling your used car also adjust for different variables.

How can I scrap or sell my used vehicle?

1- Sell to a local scrapyard

As most and cars eventually end up here, scrap car removal services are becoming a valuable option for many. These companies recycle junk cars by either paying you cash or even trading them for your original desired car. What you’ll be paid point-blank for all scrap cars and trucks is their weight on the scrap yard’s industrial scale. Point-blank, no haggling, no considerations.

2-  Sell privately

Is your car unique in some way? If so, you may be able to sell it for a higher price than a typical junk car. Perhaps you should consider these types of aspects when trying to sell your vehicle. An undesirable car isn’t worth much on the used-vehicle market. Private buyers might still be willing to pay off a low-quality car, but, in most cases, it’s probably not worth the time spent trying to sell them privately.

3-  Trade it in or sell it at a dealership

Car dealerships generally accept cars on trade even if it’s not the type of car they sell in the dealership. Some might pay cash for junk cars and that’s less common but possible.

Trading in an old car at a dealership has benefits that aren’t commonly known. While your trade-in value is often lower than selling it privately, if you’ve already decided to buy a vehicle at a given dealership and worked out a fair price – then understanding what they’d give you for your old car makes a lot of sense. Occasionally, a push, pull, or drag sale at a dealership can pay you even more than your car is worth, but be careful that they aren’t just inflating the value of your vehicle at the expense of what could be a discount on the vehicle you’re looking at! There are also tax benefits of trading your vehicle in, although these are typically a minor consideration when the value of your vehicle is relatively low.

4-  Sell it to scrap Car Removal Service

Scrap car removal companies are a lot like junkyards, but they’ll come to you to pick up your vehicle. They also pay cash for cars, and their prices depend on the going scrap metal rate or a flat per-car fee. The main difference is that you don’t have to transport your old car to the scrapyard – they do it for you! This convenience comes at a price though, as most scrap car removal companies will offer you less money than if you took it to the junkyard yourself.

Scrapping vs Selling your used car

Scrapping and selling your car both have their pros and cons, and it just depends on your preferences. Some determining factors when selling a car include:

Safe transaction

You might be surprised to know that one of the most important variables is how much money you get from your car sale. Regulations are put in place because vehicles are extremely expensive to produce and maintain. There’s a reason why it pays off to scrap or sell your old vehicle so that your new one will cost less! It is for your safety to ensure you and your communities are safe on the web. While it is important to research listings, there are many websites that regulate them, especially those with respect to used vehicles. It would still take a lot of research for you to be sure that you’re engaging in a legitimate transaction. Scrap car companies in Ontario are registered businesses. As such, you can be confident that every transaction is safe and regulated.

Quick transaction

Selling your car in the junkyard is an easy and hassle-free process. You just have to show up with all 3 of your necessary paperwork, negotiate a price, and then it’s done! To sell your car on the internet takes more of your time as you need to do extensive research on the market, the legitimacy of a buyer, and add-ons. Still, some companies offer installment services at zero cost or even offer free towing after they buy it from you.

Cash payout

The price you’ll receive for a scrap car will depend on various factors. There are many junkyards in the area and you’ll need to know what kind of variables these are before you can determine the quote for your vehicle. Other considerations include the weight of other vehicles, the amount of scrap metal left from your car’s insurance claim, and the market value for automobiles on scrap.

To understand what the market value for your old car is, you can check out used car values on websites like Canadian Black Book or Kelley Blue Book. Don’t forget about the condition of your item, as well as other costs such as marketing & advertising. To set an appropriate asking price, consider the whole picture.

Environment concerns

Car scrapping and recycling both have their own benefits, as they can promote environmentally friendly practices as well. However, they each also have their own regulations that help protect the environment. Considering how overfilling the world with cars is creating a waste of energy, it’s beneficial to sell used cars before they become too old.

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What paperwork do you need to sell or scrap a car in Ontario?

Once you have decided to let go of your used vehicle, it’s time to know the proper way to dispose of it, whether by scrapping it or selling it. To scrap a car in Ontario, you will need to arrange your car’s original ownership documents, together with a bill of sale prepared by the scrap yard company. The bill of sale will be yours to keep as an official record.

However, when selling your car in Ontario, more documentation is required for a safer transaction. These measures are intended to protect both you and the junkyard company from legal repercussions.

Before selling your used vehicle, you will need to acquire a used vehicle information package and ensure that your vehicle identification number (VIN) is aligned with the one on your green ownership document. Furthermore, you have to check and make sure that your car does not have any outstanding money owing on it.

For the actual transaction, you will have to provide the buyer with the used vehicle information package, a bill of sale signed with your name, your buyer’s name and address, as well as the date and time of the transaction. You will also need to give a signed application for transfer and a safety standards certificate. You will get to keep your license plates and the “plate portion” of your ownership permit.

How much can you get from scrapping your used car instead of selling it?

Industry-standard prices for used cars range from $100 to $500, but they can increase based on the factors mentioned above. It would depend on the overall condition of your vehicle, and your negotiations with the scrap car buyer. If you’re looking for the best option for scrap car removal services in Ontario. Contact us at or give us a call at 647-492-7730. We offer top dollar for scrap cars of all kinds. You can check our online quotation form to get an accurate estimate!


How legally scrap Car in Ontario?

You need the car ownership, a bill of sale from the scrap company, and to make sure there is no money owing on the vehicle.

How much do you get for scrapping a car in Ontario?

The industry standard is $500 to $800, but it varies depending on the car’s condition and the market value of scrap metal.

Can I get money for scrapping my car?

Yes, you can get money for scrapping your car. The amount of money you get will depend on the car’s condition and the market value of scrap metal.

How is car scrap value calculated?

Car scrap value is calculated by the weight of the car and the market value of scrap metal. The average price for a ton is $500.

How much can I get from scrapping my car instead of selling it?

The industry standard is $500 to $800, but it varies depending on the car’s condition and the market value of scrap metal. You can check our online quotation form to get an accurate estimate.

At, we offer top dollar for scrap cars of all kinds. Contact us at or give us a call at 647 492-7730.

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