What happens to a car at the scrapyard?

What happens to a car at the scrapyard?

Are you wondering what’s gonna happen to your scrap car once it’s in the scrapyard? Or are you interested in the blog because you have a car to scrap? 

Many people assume that once you send the car to the scrapyard, it directly gets under the machine and turns into flat meet sheets. Scrapping a car at a scrapyard involves multiple stages. Let’s discuss…

Arrival and transferring: Once we finish the pick-up of the car, we transfer the car right away into our scrapyard. Our team will start with an inspection of the car to determine if it has been fully scrapped or if they recycle the parts. Note that ScrapCar.Cash doesn’t resale parts. We strictly only scrap cars for recycling all over GTA

De-pollution: Old cars contain a lot of hazardous materials that not only needs to be removed but also safely disposed off the ground. If this is not done responsibly, pollutants can enter water supply and eventually food chain. 

Battery: This is usually the first part to be removed into its various components (lead, plastic, etc.) to be recycled most effectively. 

Tires: Before scrapping the car, we remove all the tires.

Fluids: All the fluids in the car like oil, lubricants, fuel, etc. are safely removed from the vehicle and stored safely.

Hazardous metals: Metals like Lead and mercury are toxic materials that are dangerous to the environment. They are removed and disposed of safely.

Glass and plastic: Almost 50% plastic and glass can be recycled.

Crushing and Shredding: Once the car parts are removed from the car, it is then crushed.  It is ideally flattened using press machines, and then sent for shredding. How is this metal processed is highly subjective, depending on the other factors like transportation etc.  This metal is used to manufacture metal rods for construction, and many other goods

If you have a car which is more like a liability , or if its broken and parts are too damaged, scrap your car today. Now you know the process, you know it’s best to scrap the car for the environment. Scrap your scrap with us to get top dollars, call us today.

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