What paperwork do i need to scrap a car?

If it’s your first time scrapping the car, we have made the process completely hassle-free. Here at ScrapCar.Cash our aim is to make the process of selling your vehicle as easy as possible. It is very important to have the right documentation to scrap a car. You will need a Vehicle Registration Number. This will also work as an ownership document. You cannot scrap a car without ownership paper. 

On the day of collection, we need you to provide the following; set of vehicle keys, and ownership documents. Once we hand you the cash, we will provide you with a bill of sale. This is a proof that you have sold your car to ScrapCar.Cash. Always make sure you give complete information to car recyclers. If you have any financing left or any lien on the car, you will have to first get complete ownership of the vehicle. It’s only then you can scrap a car.

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